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Latest Release: Retail123 V4--The next generation of software


E-Commerce: convert your retail store to click and mortar.


EDI and Accounting Interface Tool: enables EDI and interface into MAS90 accounting


SQL Client Server: powerful database engine for large enterprises.


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Retail123 Systems is the leader in providing fully integrated, suite of software that integrates the data and retail transactions for both the headquarters and retail stores—under one, proven solution set.

Whether they are using our traditional license model or our Real Time ASP solutions, our solutions take advantage of the latest windows technology and leverage our large customer base and 9 years of proven experience with Small to Mid Sized retailers.

Completely Connected
Using an advanced information system can provide a level of control you never thought possible. Instant sales figures, detailed statistics, expense tracking, accurate inventory data and more can be yours at the touch of a button. Take control of your operations with the Retail123 Retail Software Suite.

Point of Sale module with Touch Screen Integration provides a  easy to learn but powerful interface. Sell.It  allows you to do sales, returns, layaways, rentals, special orders and gift certificates all from the same screen

Easy to use touch screen

Bill.It - Account Receivable module provides statements for your credit customers.  Integration with  Point of Sale allows salespeople and customers can find their balances instantly.

Account Receivable
House charges and monthly statements

Inventory management module, Move.It, provides inter-store transfers,  inventory reporting and  multi-store inventory control

Control inventory interstore transfers and UPC control

Pay.It automatically generates payables for receivings and credits for  RTV's.  Auto check-writing, vendor and factor analysis.

Account Payable
Manage your bills and checks

Order.It provides an enhanced matrix for entering PO's and  RTV's.  Automatic PO generation based on sales, current inventory levels or minimun re-order points.

Purchase Orders
PO and receiving

General Ledger
Use to interface or on it’s own

Know.It - Advanced Reporting allows you to drill down  customer behavior, inventory levels, customer analysis and employee analysis. Over 400 pre-made reports, and reports are customizable.

Advanced Reporting
Anaylize your store’s perofrmance

Multi Store Data Exchange
sync data between locations





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